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"Hart's stated goal is to level-set a sound that is identifiably his own. He has a broad arsenal of the technical and compositional skills that should allow him to accomplish that objective." -Karl Ackerman

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"Groomed while studying music in Chicago, Angelo has learned to create a brand new sound, fresh to classical and jazz-happy listeners everywhere." -B

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"In fact Hart has his own unique style, an uncommon trait for an artist so early in his career."

-Hrayr Attarian

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Contact Angelo Hart

I am excited for my current project. I began recording July 29th in Scottsdale, Arizona. I am expanding on my ideas from my album Intrepid and creating an experience that will move you. 

The idea/theme of Storyteller is pretty simple; 
I've got stories to  tell you. Stories of victory, defeat, joy, anger, aggression, beauty, peace, love and hate, presented in way that allows you to dig deep in your past and fish up your own experiences. 

You can view the theme of Storyteller from many different angles, which makes this project  so relevant to any music listener on any level. One angle that I am indeed coming from is letting the world know about the creative consciousness that can be produced from the unassuming desert of Arizona.


What is most remarkable about pianist Angelo Hart's debut Intrepid is that it clearly demonstrates all of Hart's diverse influences without sounding derivative of any of them.

​- Hrayr Attarian